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Carpool App Development

Can be so much fun.

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What we set out to accomplish!

Living in a bustling city, where one has to meet numerous commitments and travel long distances to keep them, is a common norm. Our routines revolve around work, social gatherings and personal commitments that may require extensive or shorter travels. Spending extra bucks on traveling within the city thus seems pointless. Recognizing the need of every busy individual, who wants to save while he can and still have a hassle-free journey, you can consider an all-purpose carpool application. Businesses can jump on this bandwagon to cater to the needs of city-commute, to help the customer save some bucks and majorly provide for the environment, by eliminating the release of harmful pollutants. The condition in Delhi has been particularly bad in the recent past; we stand testimony to its alarming air quality and hazardous effects. Keeping the environment as the main focus, your business can do its bit, by helping to purify and maintain decent air quality levels by letting a traveler share his seat with co-passengers.

Carpool App Development Solution

A fully responsive Carpool application that is quick to pick up the user’s location and list-down the nearest cab available. Developing a system that quickly connects a driver to a passenger; the application shall have solutions to fastest route along with special offers for its loyal customers.
A customer is likely to feel good about his travel, if we make him realize his efforts towards the reduction of carbon emission and provide him with a comfortable ride, subsequently de-cluttering roads. A frequent traveler with a good experience, in all likelihood, shall repeat his journeys with your service.
It works both ways for the customer and for the business, as it helps the service to save on the fuel costs, and maintain the vehicle’s wear and tear. A passenger’s monetary and social needs are fulfilled when he takes a carpool ride. Be the center of every citizen’s commuting needs.
Earn through advertising, fares, and commissions and open up numerous business opportunities.

How does it work?

Enter Route Details and Preferences

A user can enter his current destination and desired destination, along with preference of traveling with the same gender or with office colleagues.

Connect to passengers directly

Contact passenger for carpooling, if the timings and location match.

Post your ride on group chat

You can post your destination, estimated departure time to connect with co-passengers.

Join Route Based Chat Groups

Chat with members traveling to the same location as you.

View Profile of Co-Traveler

View co-passenger’s profile, fare details, travel status, destination and initiate discussion.

View Group Members

Check members traveling to the same destinations and connect with them for carpooling.