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Chef Host Application

Here’s a unique and trending marketplace in the food category that is expected to rapidly gain popularity among modern households. Consider an extension or a value addition to your business with a service that connects the Chef directly with the Host, through exclusive home-dining and catering options.

The reach of e-commerce applications, runs in millions today, consumers are on a downloading spree for all their food needs. In such a scenario, it is a lucrative option for businesses to extend an arm with the services of private chefs being directly hired by organizers for family events.

Imagine the luxury of being served fresh quality food on your dining table, with no hassles of arranging groceries or spending the time and effort on preparing the food. Treat your guests to a scrumptious meal with the opportunity to bond over the love for food.

We will help you develop a comprehensive application with special user-interface and functionality to cater to this untapped market need. Users will be highly accepting of this feature with good word of mouth, pleasant past experience and as invitees. Build a brand that eases the pressure for the host and at the same time provides a networking platform for the Chef.

Quality and Delicious Food

We will provide you with a highly-skilled and experienced Chef, who is prompt and specializes in multi-cuisines. The food will be prepared shortly before you expect the guests, so it stays warm and fresh. The order can be customized as per preference for cuisine, and the number of people on the guest-list.

We wish to satisfy your taste buds by staying authentic to quality. In our bid to do so, we will be consistent with our recipes and invite feedback on each of the dishes prepared. So you can sit back, relax and have numerous opportunities to bond with the guests.

The arrangement for ingredients and several other groceries will be entirely upon us. All we need is your kitchen space and valuable feedback.

Produce Food

Ensure Quality

Track Order

Fast Delivery

Why Are We the Best in the World!

Being foodies ourselves, we understand this growing unmet need. It is 2-way need we are here to fulfill, with Chefs building a clientele for themselves and hosts relying upon us for their dinner menu and preparation.

Our team of skilled engineers will conduct a market-research and offer solutions to create a holistic application with an appealing User Interface, payment models, booking options and a feed to browse through menus and culinary professionals.

Its’ a fairly new category in the food market, which is waiting to be explored. Having immense potential in the model, a business can make revenue by bookings, culinary partnerships and advertisements.

Interested In Launching an On Demand Chef Host App?

We are here to serve you! Enter the lucrative mobile food ordering service with a brand distinction and tap the infinite possibilities!