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Dating App Development Company

As per a popular survey of an established and leading dating application in Singapore, users have swiped 7.5 million times to make ideal matches. A swipe indicates interest or disinterest basis the personal information collated by the hosting application.

Indians use 30 applications on an average every month, and the Mobile Smartphone usage in our country has outpaced the US, placing itself on the second position with 6 Billion applications downloaded in 2016 alone.

65% of our population is under the age of 35, and half a billion people are under the age of 25. This is a great number to cash in on considering the huge market potential of Online Dating. Another interesting statistic shows around 12 million marriages being fixed and conducted annually.

Benefits of using a Dating app

An Online Dating Business is a great source for revenue, as you can consider various ways to monetize the application, while serving the Match Making purpose. An average user signs up in search of a prospective partner, and as a platform, you can provide them with interaction opportunities before they fix to meet up in person.


Social Media Login

Users can login from their existing social media accounts.

Chat Features

Users have amazing chat features which lets them use emoticons, stickers and images etc.



Media Sharing

Sharing media files through phone like photos, videos etc.


This feature is to share your interests like movies, hobbies, music and many more.


Challenges dating app developers are looking to solve

For tax purposes, R&D involves companies taking a risk by attempting to resolve scientific or technological uncertainties.

In the world of dating apps, there are a whole host of technical challenges to resolve, including:

  • As developers, we propose the most unique interface to promote easy accessibility and acceptance among users. This will allow them to browse through a host of unlimited profiles to evaluate, before striking a friendship. A special chat-box with customized emoticons will help the couple understand each other better. We can have value-additions of good places to meet at, good events to participate in, and hobbies to take up together to provide holistic support to the interested couple.
  • Revenue will flow in from advertisement, brand partnerships or unlocked features. An unlocked feature is an exclusive tool that a user can purchase at his discretion. It can be devised suiting the needs of a business. For example, browsing profiles from all over the country, not just limited to your vicinity or town.
  • The success of an Online Dating Application is in its originality, we can position the application on the promise to make most matches that culminate into matrimony and even customize the app to publish content about dating, relationships, weddings among others.
  • Conclusion: Millennial generation was born when computers became the new normal and the fast speed internet added to its technological reach. Today, smart phones are mini computers, cameras, e-books, games, fitness charts, diaries, messengers we can fit into the size of a pocket. The society has never been so open to consider dating or matrimony prospects over the web, the time is now!