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A market size of $26 billion global potential buyers to embrace the mobile health category on their smart phones and wearable’s by 2018, as per a report by Nelson. It’s a great time for startups and relevant businesses to get on the Smartphone bandwagon.

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Health and Fitness App Development

Fitness Class

Users are extremely health conscious today. As per a report, a surge in awareness was seen in 2014, as people became cautious of several health conditions and understood their accountability to maintain optimum health. A fitness class / application will take into account a user’s physical characteristics and personal goals, and then go on to tailor-make exercises targeted at legs, arms, abs, chest, back or full-body, according to the mentioned preference.

Avatars of physical trainers with names will be created; demo pictures and videos of the exercise will be developed, suggesting the number of sets, duration taken and calories it helps in burning.

Crossfit Class

A dynamic workout regimen with exercises borrowed from gymnastics and weight-lifting. This high-intensity workout helps you increase stamina and endurance. It is effective in instant body shaping, toning and reduction of excess weight. The nature of this exercise is seen in high-energy bursts and repetitions performed with weight-lifting.

We shall plan short-duration videos of trainers, motivating users to follow the routine, repeat the sets, and track the statistics like heart rate, calories and stamina. The back-end will remind the users to take up the workout and use ‘push notifications’ to introduce them to daily new regimes.

Stretching Class

The most relaxing of all exercises, a stretching class helps you achieve your optimum flexibility. If done correctly, it will help a user achieve a leaner body, as the body part is isolated to stretch to its maximum extent.

Trainers can show you how it’s done through pictures / videos, the benefits of each stretching exercise can be listed, with a step-by-step guide for each pose. The back-end system can use feedback, rating and notifications to ensure a smooth user-experience.

Cardio Class

Save the time and effort for the users of your Cardio Mobile application. We can devise a high intensity cardio class that focuses on instant weight-loss, increased energy levels and have many variations to keep the workouts fresh and effective.

The back-end system will use gratification by praising the effort put in by a user and also equip him with general fitness facts. Push notifications and feedback to be packaged for user-friendliness.

Enduro Class

An endurance class helps in building muscle endurance that requires practice and repetition for an athletic form of body. However, one does not need to be an athlete to perform and participate in an endurance class. Taking an example of a dancer, he/she requires muscle endurance to prevent exhaustion and injury on performing heavy duty steps. Similarly, endurance will help you achieve new heightened energy levels and a leaner frame.

The back-end can help you create an animated figure of a trainer, with facts on the muscle being worked on and details description on ‘How to Do’.

Body Builder Class

This one will cater to the professional and athletic body-builders who are keen to practice even in their leisure time and stick to routines that will help them maintain core strength, increased stamina levels and the appropriate body structure.

Their main aim is to develop all muscles and body parts to their maximum size and leave no room for body fat, by bringing it to its lowest level and no under skin water to maintain a well-structured body.

The application can give a diet high in protein as well as carbohydrates to achieve such a body, along with tips to achieve this desired form of body.


Marketing the Health and Fitness Application

You need to be on the most popular two operating systems – Android and iOS to make a mark in the fitness and health mobile category. There are two versions, paid and free, however a user will most likely reserve paying for an application, unless you prove how valuable you are to them. Hence, exclusive paid features can be a part of the application and we can find ways to help you monetize the application through adverts, brand and fitness partnerships.

Provide solutions to a user’s needs and they will come flocking to download you application. Understand the psyche and develop an easy to use app. Embedding social media to share the fitness results, will widen our reach and boost more downloads. An influencer using your application will greatly drive your business as other lay men will follow suit Content Marketing, where we provide solutions and personalize content to solve general health and fitness queries. User generated content and reviews will work well in creating authenticity for your brand.

Gamification, a process to reward your user on a scoreboard or make him participate in a competition, can make for a great marketing idea. Alongside visibility for your application shall be top priority! Call us!