Interactive Learning systems

As new technologies have been introduced in teaching and learning processes; e-learning systems are increasingly being used. It is an easy and interactive way of providing high level training or education to the staff and/or students in an organization and/or some educational institute. This allows an interactive learning system that is more proficient way to train anyone from any location.

The benefits of an e-learning system will not be maximized unless learners use the system. Data Infovision propose tested alternative models that seek to explain student intention to use an e-learning system.

Web Crayons allows learning centers to integrate the huge volume odd data they generate and store, regardless of their origin (external or internal), for data analysis in depth, fast and simply, with no dependence from IT's department.

Some proposed functions are as follows:

  • Networked Learning Environment
  • Community Portal System
  • E-library Management System
  • Online Delivery Applications
  • Synchronous Conferencing

Synchronous Conferencing offer quick and easy access to powerful learning development, operation, organization, and assessment functionalities.

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