Networking & Security

Sound network infrastructure is a fundamental requirement for delivering the applications which make your business efficient, competitive and adaptable. With that in mind, we optimise and protect our customers' IT infrastructure with a range of network and security services.

For example, we give you mobility solutions that let your users get the information they need, wherever they need it, using any kind of device.

The network services that make such solutions possible include:

  • High performance networks
  • Open access networks
  • End point mobility management
  • Network consolidation
  • Fully managed video conference and voice solutions
  • Wireless and remote access solutions

Any connected organisation needs robust security to protect vital data and resources and minimise risk. New threats emerge all the time, and new technologies like Web 2.0 and social networking generate their own particular challenges.

We respond with security services including:

  • Next generation security
  • Information security management
  • Data integrity management
  • Risk analysis
  • Anti-virus updates on vendor supported devices
  • Virus control monitoring
  • Intrusion detection and protection
  • Penetration testing management and support

Example of our Work

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