We Follow PRINCE2 Project Management Process

PRINCE2 is a systematic model of seven processes; each process is triggered by a purpose & choice. The seven stages of this process model define the ultimate way to manage any project with a standard result driven methodologies. This diagram demonstrates the process which we follow & thus it turned out to be a pillar of our quality works.

Directing a Project

Directing a Project initiates from the start-up of the project to its closure. We believe in the quality initiative which starts with the quality direction from the starting point to result:

  • This stage is purely static & here project agreement is signed with proper project outcome & controlled details.

  • In this process, the responsibility of the manager is more important & hence the quality of understanding is apparent.

  • The entire project base starts from this stage & with the help of expert team it follows to further steps.

Starting Up a Project

This is the first stage of Prince2 Process Model where we as a development team initiate the plan to understand the project & move forward:

  • We simply adore the fact that “a good start is half done”, and thus we make sure the pre-requisites of client’s project with every possible data & research works.

  • The project management team has full responsibility to deal & make an overall study about the resourcefulness of project.

  • Creating a necessary plan for commencement stage.

Initiating a Project

This is the crucial stage where both the parties agreed with a mutual understanding about the details of the project to be handled & delivered by the development team:

  • The responsibility is to mutually understand the clause & project handling details for both the parties to experience the best communication process toughly.

  • Enabling the ownership of the project to project board & agree to the commencement of the project.

  • To establish a fundamental record of the initiation phase of the project management.

Managing Stage Boundaries

This Managing Stage process is responsible for the Project Board through significant decision ideas on whether to remain with the project or not. The objectives are like:

  • This stage comprises providing required information about the task to Project Board to consistently feasible with the project.

  • To provide necessary information to Project board for moving ahead with proper understanding to start the next stage.

  • To manage the project records & data which may help in the upcoming process step.

Controlling a Stage

This process defines the work of project manager to handle, possess & redefine the development stage with a correct process handling methods. Controlling phase is the most formative stage for the project manager to give the finest:

  • A project manager is responsible for Authorised work which should be done with great passion.

  • Collecting improvement information about that project work.

  • To watch the project & to correct if any necessary correction is required.

Managing Product Delivery

The objective of this method is to make sure that intended products are created and delivered appropriately by controlling team to the client's result:

  • To confirm the final project details that support with estimated project standards.

  • Establishing a perfect package that clients have proclaimed which ensures the quality of deployment with team efforts.

  • Ensuring product quality in every aspect of the agreements & obtaining approval for the final products

Closing a Project

With our methodologies & project handling process, we are keen to deliver the best outcome for the clients in time. The purpose of this process is to execute a controlled close to the project. The purposes of closing a Project are:

  • To check whether aim or objective of the Project Initiation Document (PID) has matched with the project deployment.

  • To confirm the customer/clients satisfaction viewpoint with their utmost feedback.

  • To ensure project handed over detail which also contributes customer satisfaction response.


PRINCE2 comprises the strategic way to handle any product which gives complete accessing model view to the development team. PRINCE2 uses a system known as ‘Product Based Planning’ which requires other activities:

  • To write down the Project Description with clear information for better planning approaches.

  • To create the product breakdown structure in a crafty way which explains about better product recovery details (if any).

  • To Note down the product descriptions.

  • And then finally to Create the product flow chart with clear illustration.