Quality Engineering is our motto!

Web Crayons is a certified ISO 9001:2008 Organization, taking pride in conducting the management in alignment with the regulatory and statutory guidelines, recognized globally.

This certification help you us to run our business with the core requirement of adhering and maintaining top product / service quality by way of corrections, supervising operations and processes and thus, meeting the expectations of the customer.

Our Top Management works closely with internal and external stakeholders in the best interest of the company. We believe in progress by meeting customer satisfaction, boosting employee morale and creating thoughtful engineering that is beneficial to all of mankind. Our biggest victory is when we win the trust and credibility of our partners.

We ensure Quality Assurance by the following means:

  • An effective and fool-proof model of plan-do-check-act model that keeps us proactive

  • Understand and improve several business quality functions

  • Define the role for employees

  • Understand the expectation and the role of clients

  • Improve team morale and work culture

  • Check, manage and rely upon efficiency processes to create quality products

  • Understand the principles and terminologies associated with the efficiency processes