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Why are Hotel Booking Apps a Great Way to get best ROI?

As an entrepreneur, you want to create a niche for yourself by providing convenience to travelers and guests, keeping their best interests in mind. A hotel booking application is a great model for return on investment with its immense user-friendly functionalities, transparency and ease of payment.

Statistics say, 61 % travelers book a hotel room via their Smartphone, while 65% travelers book a hotel room on the same day they would want to occupy it. You can build additional exciting features of Online Food ordering along with the Hotel Booking functionality.

There has been a surge in tourism, ever since Online Bookings became main stream. An average person enjoys the command of browsing through various available hotels, opting for deals that are budget-friendly.

You can earn revenue through the commission model, that is, whenever a guest books a hotel through your application, you get paid a commission from the hotel owner. Or if you’re a hotel chain, you get direct income on bookings. Additionally, running display banner advertisements that provide a value addition to the guest, can help you source income. Another model is of Search Rank, when you allow other Hotel Owners, to have priority listings and add more photos to showcase their hotel property.

You can opt in for a subscription model as well, to allow certain paid members to receive best deals and offers, before non-paid members.

Our team at Webcrayons, will help you tailor the best hotel application to enhance your business footprint, visibility and profitability.

Restaurant Application Development

New Trend of Restaurant Business – Going Online with Web / Mobile App.

The millennial generation has been brought up amid rapid technological growth. Presently, their guide to everything lies within their Smartphone. Communication feature of the phone is supported by numerous needs in health, retail, shopping, food, travel, fitness, entertainment and much more.

There is a drastic change in consumer behavior with the increasing popularity of mobile apps, as it’s instant, responsive, and predictive, helping a user make quick decisions, with little effort.

The market is buzzing with a constant online food demand; consumers are open to savor several cuisines, open to trying new restaurants that are seamlessly easing the process with cashless payments, instant orders and offers.

A custom restaurant application will give an edge over the technology-savvy audience, also foodies, thereby strengthening your mobile presence; widening your customer reach as an alternate yet profitable source of revenue.

Our team at Web Crayons can help you develop a responsive and attractive mobile application, applying skills in design, user-interface, features and functionality, coding, user-friendliness, testing and overall management until the desired outcome is achieved.

Develop a fully-functional virtual restaurant presence with the listing of online menu cards, special discounts, accepting orders and managing operations to deliver the food.

We build two kinds of applications:

Restaurant Finder App Restaurant Deals and Offers

How Webcrayons delivers business value?

Online Ordering, Easy Payments

Satiate the hunger of millions in a minute, by enhancing your web and mobile presence. Our skilled team will provide with you solutions on the market scope, web technologies, and latest design to capture the interest of the target audience. Improve your business operations by accepting instant cash-less payments with user-centric features of mobile wallets, fast check-out system for home delivery thus providing a quick dining experience.

Enterprise Mobility

We streamline and simplify logistics, as your business can easily track the tasks assigned to several internal teams, at multiple locations. You can monitor shipment, logistics, and deliveries with this feature. Gauge employee performance by the reviews and ratings feature, shared by a customer.

Create a Brand

We help your brand be seen in the market. Position yourself as an internet-savvy and friendly brand, offering customized and instant food solutions to overcome hunger pangs. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, our combined focus will be on customer growth and retention.

Challenges in Food and Restaurant Industry

Retaining Customers

The choices are unlimited and customers easily flock to new restaurants, without much thought. To counter this problem, a good record of customer-experience, great food and a package of affordable prices can be considered.

Food Standardization

One needs to practice caution in maintaining good food quality, consistent pricing, enjoyable ambiance, hygienic cutlery and smooth home delivery operations.

Managing logistics

Logistics is the key to delivering a well-packaged food item to the customer. As most food item is perishable, it is important to preserve freshness and prevent exposure during operations.

Innovating the food space

A business needs a comprehensive digital strategy to beat the competition and retain and attract new customers. Your business can explore several technology innovations to offer unseen value additions to the customer.